Tuesday, September 30, 2008


That's right...(future) Andrea Christine Elliott. Last night Mike proposed to me, and OF COURSE I said, "Yes!"

So, here is the story...I'm going to try and make it short, but can't guarantee it.

Yesterday, Monday, was Mike's birthday. I was planning on going straight down to his place (West LA) after work. He said he wanted to go to some restaurant that had arcade games at the dinner table. (Hey...whatever made him happy!) So, earlier that day he gave me a call at work to confirm that I'd be coming down after work. I kind of wanted to go home first (which is about 10 minutes out of the way) to freshen up and such before coming down. He sounded sad about this, especially since I had already said I'd come down right after work. But I was determined to stick to my second plan of going home first.

I had realized a little later that I had told him that I would come down after work, and that I needed to stick to the original plan, because that 10 minute journey back to my house would end up taking at least 40 minutes with traffic and the time actually spent at home. So, without calling him back to tell him that I would go straight to his place, I bolted right at 6PM down to West LA.

I got down there in about 35 minutes...not bad for rush hour traffic. I think he was happy I got there when I did. So we headed down to Santa Monica, and parked at our usual 5th street and Wilshire spot. We started walking...as I asked "Where are we going to eat?" ""PF Changs? I don't know, Where do you want to eat?" "It's your birthday you decide!" Evidently he didn't know the name of the arcade/restraunt place, or where it was so that was no longer our evening plans, which was perfectly fine with me. "Nubba Gumps?" he suggested. Sounded good to me. So we start walking...and walking...and walking (you get the point). I was enjoying this time walking with him thoroughly. We arrived down there, ad put our names in. At this point, Mike was starving and my teeth (or tooth holes) were killing me!!! I just wanted to take some pain relievers, but we had a 20 minutes wait. We walked the SAnta Monica Pier and came back to be seated shortly after.

Bread! Water! Pain Relievers! That helped. We enjoyed a delicous dinner (Mike ordered Boat Trash and I had Accidental Fish). I had a blast trying to break open his lobster claws for him as pieces went flying everywhere I just laughed. I cleaned my plate, and Mike had some leftovers...I out ate him once again.

WE headed out, and back down PCH along the grassy path area (for those who are familiar with the area know this), where many homeless gather. Walking along the path back to the car, there comes a darker point ahead that I see two people come up and over the fence from as they continue walking on the path ahead of us a way. As we get to the point where they came out, we slowed down, as I looked out over to see where they come from and ask Mike, "Whoa, where'd they come from" (since on the other side of this railed fence it was a drop off cliff, down to the ocean.) He answered, "I don't know." (He was a bit preoccupied - I didn't know) And I started to continue on down the path, as he said let's stay here for a second...

We enojyed the view of the ocean and pier as he embraced me, and then looked at me and said, "I wasnt to tell you something that I've never told any other girl...(I looked at him with anticipation)I love you." (I melted.)He continued.."which is why I have this ring (as he got down on one knee), Will you marry me?" "YES!" (The angels sang the Hallelujah!) I responded back, "I love you!" This was the first time we told eachother we loved eachother, and it was so special and meant so much.

The remaining walk back to the car involved a lot of texts and phone calls! I'm not much of a story teller so I'm just going to say and that was our night, his birthday.

Was this proposal expected? Well, we had been talking about marriage...so yes. But right then, last night? It was such a surprise! I would have to say it was absolutely perfect too!

The quick details on our Marriage:
When?: January 3rd, 2009
Where:? Pontiac, Michigan at Marimont Community Church (Mike's dad's church)
What about LA People?: We will definitely have a celebration when we return.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! K Andrea I am flipping out...This is Tanya... Andrew Roberts' wife ;) We know each other but don't really know each other.... well I stumbled upon your blog tonight... been trying to start one myself because they're truly encouraging and fun ... what can I say? I'm a gal!... anyway
Wasn't planning to comment or anything... Until I read this particular blog...

guess what?

I got engaged 06.05.09 in Santa Monica on Ocean Avenue and then had dinner at Bubba Gumps... engagement took place @ around 8:30ish PM in one of those twisted trees... =D crazy good times!

I mean there's more but man are our stories similar!
anyway I hear you're having a bebe ... :) mmm so happy for you (that's initially why I visited your page tonight) CONGRATS...
anyway write back if you like