Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Dress

First dress tried on...and it's a keeper. Unfortunately I could not take my dress home, because they don't make size 2 dresses. It takes 12 weeks to make the dress...I have about 88 days until my wedding! Talk about pushing it!! They said the dress will have a delivery date (to the Burbank store) on 12/30/08. That would be 6 days after my flight out to Michigan...yeah. So my lovely midesmaid, Jenny will be bringing it out with her! I am hoping it will get in sooner and I'll be able to try it on at least once beofre flying out. Whew! Let me tell you...I instantly became attached to this dress it's gorgeous! The lady that was helping me, had me try on the 4. I got all zipped up, I opended the dressing room door, and as I walked out she placed a veil in the back of my head, and stepped out of the way. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't beleive it. It was so surreal. I had this feeling inside that made me overwhelmingly excited. I had never tried on really fancy dresses before, let alone a wedding dress. I wanted Mike to be there so he could give me a thumbs up or a smile. But I knew when I looked in the mirror it was the one. I can't wait until everyone sees this dress...especially Mike.

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