Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Slacker

...Okay, I deserve this one.

So it's been awhile. Can you cut me a little slack perhaps?...I mean, there has been a few things going on in my life. Let me just get one thing out off the bat...BEING MARRIED IS AMAZING! I totally recommend it!! :)

I don't even know where to begin really. We now live in Granada Hills, which is 20 minutes further away from work than I was...but good news is, I'm now on time to work everyday because I leave earlier! Too cool! It's a lot closer for Mike though which is a total blessing. What else....I have a gym membership now to Bally's so it's fun to go to the gym now with my husband and it's GOOD to take care of my body, I'm just getting into shape...boy was I out of it! Oh here's a cool new one...we got a Wii! It's so fun, we play Rockband 2 often! We rock! ...and I'm a nerd.

Okay, well, I'll try to stay on top of this more. That is all for now. Bye

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea!!!!!!! It's alisha! Great Job Andrea!!!!