Monday, September 14, 2009

Ordering Your Rediculous Starbucks Drink...

Ordering Starbucks drinks can be a little nerve racking and confusing. If you're a new to the lingo, or you feel like the help behind the counter gives you a blank stare trying to figure out what you're asking for, then all you need is a little simple explanation. This how-to guide should come in handy.

Step 1. Hot or Iced Drink?
The default is hot. If you want a cold or iced drink, the first word in your drink order should be "iced".
Step 2. Coffee drinks come in four sizes.
* Short: 8 oz.
* Tall: 12 oz.
* Grande: 16 oz.
* Venti: 20 oz. The iced drinks are actually 24 oz. in the venti size. The hot drinks are 20 oz. in the venti size. In Italian, the word "venti" means 20.
Step 3. Choose your drink beverage
* Coffee, Latte, Americano, Mocha, Machiatto, Cappuccino, Frappuccino
* Other drinks include Tea, Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider, Lemonade, etc. but this guide is about ordering the coffee drinks.

Step 4. How strong do you like your drink? Specify the number of espresso shots
* Single, Double, Triple, Quad…etc.

Step 5. Choose the type of milk or creamer
* Default - 2% milk.
* Skinny - non-fat milk if you're trying to cut down on calories.
* Whole milk - if the store provides
* Organic milk - if the store provides
* Soy - silk soymilk if you prefer a milk substitute

Step 6. Extra directions
* Extra hot
* No foam
* No Whip
* Room for cream
* Extra ice
* Light ice

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You are hilarious! I love you so much!! We miss you guys!!