Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, I totally feel like I've purposely avoided this blog for the last few months.  And I probably feel that way, because, well, I have.  Now, it wasn't my point to go into hiding, but I'm really bad at not talking about things that I want to share...especially on a blog...when that's one of the reasons for it.  Soo, quick update.  The last four months have been a bit crazy.  Lots of change, and ups and downs, feeling sick and feeling great.  I'm not here to complain...just to inform.  Mood swings, weight gain...No, I'm not depressed, I'm just pregnant!!  18 weeks and counting, there is a quickly growing Elliott inside.  Mike and I were thrilled of the news that we actually got on my birthday, January 30th!  It was quite the birthday present.  We've been taking one week at a time, as we know this precious life is in God's sovereign hands.  Let me tell you, that is the most comforting thought too!  That that the God of the universe, is in control, and knows what is best for both Mike and I, and what will glorify Him the most!  I was able to hear the heartbeat and see the little one move, at just 9 weeks!  And the last doctor visit we got to hear the heartbeat again, get a face shots, and well...some other shots that the doctor responded by saying, "It's definitely a boy!"  We are unbelievably thrilled!

Here's his mug...

Introducing:  Miles Avery Elliott

I'm pretty sure I'll be more consistent with my blog now...
I know, I've said that before.

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Melissa said...

yaaay!! so great!! i'm excited to follow your blog from spain so i can keep up with you :)