Tuesday, August 31, 2010


35 weeks down, and 35 days to go!

I think it's finally becoming real for me to think that time seems like it has flown by, and that I'm approaching the end, when I'll need to be ready to go at any time!  In about a month I'll have a new life, a son, who I'll have in my arms...I really can't wait to meet him!  I can't wait to see what he looks like, who he'll look like more, what his nose, ears, hair, hands look like -- I can't wait to study the all the precious details of his face.

As I'm getting closer, I have people asking if I'm nervous.  I should be - I think to myself, since I don't know the perfect way to hold a baby, how to swaddle a newborn, how to feed a baby, how to lay a baby down to sleep, etc.  But the truth is, I'm really not that nervous, I just can't wait to learn how to care for my son, and let instincts kick in when needed.

We've been so blessed throughout this pregnancy to have it be so easy.  Little Miles has cooperated so well so far, and I pray he will continue to be a good boy!


Michelle said...

You are so beautiful! Can't wait to meet your lil man :)

Anonymous said...

You look SO adorable!

-Alisha Kirby