Saturday, January 1, 2011


  So good.  What is my goals for the new year?  Falling in love with the Lord....aaannnd, discipline.  Is this the read-your-bible-more blog post?  Yes.  [Rick Holland's jokes are wearing off on me.]  I have committed myself to reading the bible in a year.  This is my fourth or fifth time making this commitment to myself.  Now, before you think I'm being prideful - let me shamefully admit I've never finished or even got halfway through one of these plans.  This time is different though!  [I think I've said that before to.]  Here's the thing...this time it is different.  I have a strong desire to draw closer to the Lord, and not just read the bible in a year because I think I should.  That doesn't mean I won't stumble with laziness and what not, but I hope my desire to know my God more will conquer the enemy who might try and distract me from doing so.
   When did I decide to do this? Basically last night over dinner.  My rad friend Joey was telling me how he was in the middle of reading the Bible front to back, and thought that was cool. I had just finished my time in John and was uncertain of what book to hop to next.  However, I thought that reading the Bible front to back might be a challenge for me, as it's not in chronological order [a format that would be a lot easier for me to grasp].
   This morning I was browsing my iPhone app [I totally hate that I'm one of those people using the iPhone - what happened to the good ol' worn bible] called YouVersion [I also hate that I'm one of those people plugging an app], and I found they have reading plans, one of which is chronological.  So I started it.  I had the amazing opportunity to be blessed by reading Genesis 1-3 and dwelling on creation and the CREATOR!
   For those of you who are reading this, I ask that you pray for me as I commit time everyday this year letting the Word transform.

[Plugging again for those who are curious. YouVersion]

Here's to an amazing year!

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Jessica said...

I have YouVersion too!
Also - there's a really great Spurgeon app for "Morning and Evening". I've found tons of great Bible study tools too... like Logos and Blue Letter Bible!