Saturday, June 30, 2012

30 Day Challenge

I'm am excepting a new challenge from my dear friend Erica, who is brilliant for compiling this list!  (Don't we all need a little help sometimes to practically show our love to our husbands in different ways!?)  I think all you wives out there reading this should consider to take on this challenge as well!  
Please click the link below to her blog post for details! 
Encourage, Love, and Prefer Your Husband - 30 Day Challenge

Since tomorrow is July first, I think it is fitting, for me, to start tomorrow.  I'll just have to think of something extra creative/special for the 31st (It'll be like a bonus)! ;}

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Me said...

Thanks for sharing the link, Andrea! So excited you will be joining us for the challenge! We are starting today too. ;-)