Friday, March 22, 2013

Right On Time!

Trenton Hayes Elliott

It all started at midnight, the morning of Trenton's due date, March 10, 2013.  I went into active labor, I knew it was the real thing when I couldn't get through the contractions without deeply breathing through them (you know, like in the movies- I think there is an official term for it, but I don't know).  So, my first instinct was to download an iPhone app to count the time between contractions   I did NOT want to have this baby at home or in the car, so I needed to be prepared.  I also didn't want to go to early, only to be turned away and sent back home.  I was going to get this right.  And for those who are wondering what app I used, it's called Full Term, and I highly recommend it!  Anyway, I counted these for about 5 hours being careful not to breathe too loudly, as I didn't want to wake Mike, who needed his sleep, as he'd be taking care of me for the next few days!  But it came to be about 5AM, and for the most part my contractions were pretty consistent at 7-8 minutes apart.  So I gently woke Mike and told him I was in labor, that I was about to take a shower and that I thought we should leave shortly after.  So, I got ready, and put myself together (did my makeup) while going through contractions.  This meant stopping in the middle of my application of foundation, blush, and mascara to get down on the floor to breathe through these things.  I was bound and determined to look decent for my first meeting with my second son.  Right before we headed out the door, I stopped by the bathroom for my last "40 week" picture.  Ta-da!

We got to the hospital around 6AM, and I was admitted, since I was already at 4cm--yay! (This meant I could have my epidural very soon!)  however, once I got my epidural, the contractions stopped (which totally can happen), so they started the pitocin, which got things moving along again.  To make a long story a little shorter, the epidural wore off at around 9cm, and they wanted me to go ahead without giving me anymore.  I spare the details, and just say it was painful! ;)  I got him out pretty quick though, which was awesome!  At 4:51PM weighing in at 8lbs. & 20in. long, we welcomed baby Trenton into this crazy world.  I look back and don't remember the pain--it's amazing how that works out.  I guess that's what allows us to do it all over again and have more kids!

We love this little guy.  Brown hair and brown eyes, we'll see if it stays. ;)

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Michelle said...

He is beautiful! Congrats Elliotts! Love the name too. ;)