Monday, October 14, 2013

First Day of School

So, this might be a shock to you all, but Miles has started school.  That's right, I have a preschooler! I can't believe it either!  He's going everyday for 2+ hrs.  I didn't cry--but that's mostly because Mike took him to school for his first day.  His teacher is sweet and the other moms spoke highly of her.  I'm totally looking forward to seeing growth in his speech and skills.  

Taken right before daddy took him off to school

Another thing I'm looking forward to is all of the opportunities I will have.  First, this means 2 hours with 1 child...Oh, the possibilities...hello errands!  Also, there is a park nearby where I can get my walk-on or read.  Second, I get to connect with other moms on a daily basis, which means building relationships and opportunities to share the gospel. Ah-ha! A new prayer to add to my quiet time.

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