Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Cheer

I'm so excited to have a Christmas tree this year!  It's the Elliott's first, and hopefully the start of a tradition for the 1st of December.  The tree goes up and we also have an advent calendar that was given to us as a gift, but you can purchase the same one we have HERE.  Some of the other things I love during this season are: hot chocolate (the powder kind), Christmas movies (preferably ABC Family), Christmas music (including but not limited to Celine Dion, Josh Groban and Mariah Carey...we'll leave the rest of my guilty pleasure artists out of this blog post.)

I happened to do a little late night crafting tonight as well.  I'm not a pro in anyway, I like to use things that I have laying around the house, or better yet, things I find near the dumpster (unfortunately, I'm not joking).  My husband is away, and what that means is that I do not sleep well.  So, I've gathered things around my house to create a Christmas bunting to hand from our fireplace.

It was so simple, it's ridiculous.  Want to make one? I'm sure you already have everything you need.

What You Need:
12 index cards
coffee grounds
twine (or other ribbon/string)
Sharpies (or markers/paint in your choice of colors)
outlined letters (I traced mine from online)
hole punch
X-ACTO knife (optional)

Step One:
Cut the index cards to your shape desired
Step Two:
Rub Slightly wet coffee grounds on the cards. (Not too wet, or the cards will curl)
Wait until they are completely dried, and brush the grounds off.
Step Three:
**Warning this step is Ghetto**
Trace the letters onto the index cards from your computer screen.
That's right, place the index card directly onto your screen and gently trace it. (I traced the letters backwards so I wouldn't have pen lines on the front of my letters.)
Step Four:
Color your letter index cards AND THEN cut out the letters (it's easier and looks nicer).
Step Five:
Glue the letters onto your coffee stained cards.
Step Six:
Hole punch the top of your coffee stained cards and string them with twine.
Step Seven:
Hang your bunting where desired and enjoy the smell of Sharpie fumes.

I kid, the fumes really aren't that bad...especially if you're really crafty and have your own holiday spice mix simmering on your stove.  However, if you are that crafty, I'm sure you haven't read this far into my measly "tutorial" of how to create this Christmas decor.  

Anyway, enjoy!

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