Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby Pool

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Now that I am full-term (37 weeks), Wesley could come at anytime, anywhere! I'm very excited to meet this boy. I'm doing well. I take long appropriate-length naps daily, and I deal with sciatic nerve pain like a pro (freezing for 30 seconds until my body lets me continue with what I was doing.) God knows what I can handle. He is good.

While waiting to meet Wesley, I've gotten many questions and comments ranging from:
• Does the doctor know if you will be on-time?
• Do you think he will be early?
• You look ready to pop!
• I bet he'll come early.
• He'll probably be late since your boys weren't early.

I've heard of baby pools before, and wondered if there was a website that did all that for you. (Let's be honest, there is usually a website for it if you're thinking about it.) And sure enough...there is. So, I thought I'd have some fun with all my friends and family who are thinking, guessing and wishing when baby will come, by creating my own game. 

I think it's kind of funny when people "just knew" a baby would be born on their birthdate.
So, I will give people a chance to go on record with their guess with Wesley.
The winner gets that awesome feeling of being "right on."

Have fun!

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