Friday, February 27, 2015

Wesley Grey Elliott

Wesley Grey Elliott came into this world in an extraordinary way. Wesley was born on February 26, 2015 at 4:29PM via c-section. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 10 oz. (our biggest) and was 20.75 in. long. He was also 11 days past the estimated due date. I was totally off by thinking he was going to come early!

At my checkup the Friday before (2/20), I was informed he was in a very odd position. While most baby's drop head first, chin tucked to the chest, my sweet son decided to have his head extended and be in "face/forehead presentation". This is rare; my doctor had only seen this once, 10 years ago. During that appointment she informed me that with this position I was high-risk c-section. They would still go ahead and try and deliver normally, but if he didn't change positions that they would have to do a c-section. (This would be my first c-section.)

At 7AM on Feb. 26, I went into the hospital to get induced and hope that during labor he would tuck his chin. From about 7:30-3:30, I was hooked up to an epidural and in labor and not only was he not tucking his chin, he was not dropping, but going higher! He was not coming out. My doctor came in to prepare us for what we might expect in a "face presentation" baby (swollen/bruised face), but that it would look better in a few days. We were just thrilled to be meeting our son in just a short while.

They prepped me for surgery and my husband got all hot in his disposable scrubs. Hubba-hubba! I got to look awesome in my blue bonnet as well. 

I went into the OR to get prepped and Mike waited outside until they were ready to start. A few things to make it more eventful, I shook the whole time because of the reaction to the medicine they used (a pretty common reaction they said), which made me feel like I was freezing, even though my body temp. was normal. They did put a warm blanket over my arms an chest to make me feel more comfortable and it totally did! Also, the extra epidural they were putting in was not numbing me. "Can you feel this?" As they sharply poked, "Yes, it hurts alot." more epidural....they test again, "Yes, I can still feel that, it hurts a lot." I was actually terrified at this point that this is what the surgery would feel like - that I would actually feel it! I was relieved when the anesthesiologist said "It's not working and they put a spinal black in. Much better, didn't feel a thing - I didn't even know when they started. Thank you modern medicine. About 10 minutes later, they said alright here he comes, and the anesthesiologist, lifted my head over the curtain to see my baby being born. I honestly didn't see anything else but my sweet Wesley in that moment and then tears. It really didn't matter how he was born, it is amazing either way to see someone that you've loved for 9 months for the first time. Mike brought him over to me to see for a moment while they finished surgery, and then he was taken to the NICU.  He was absolutely beautiful and hardly any swelling. From being in his rare position, his nose was a little smooshed/swollen, so they wanted to make sure he was breathing okay.

I was finally reunited with Wesley at 7:30PM, and he was completely healthy. I am in love with this boy. I'm so thankful that God has given me this sweet blessing and taken me on this path. I remember saying either right before or right after surgery, "Now I get to experience both kinds of births." And I want to make sure that I can use this experience to glorify God.

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