Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby Pool

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Now that I am full-term (37 weeks), Wesley could come at anytime, anywhere! I'm very excited to meet this boy. I'm doing well. I take long appropriate-length naps daily, and I deal with sciatic nerve pain like a pro (freezing for 30 seconds until my body lets me continue with what I was doing.) God knows what I can handle. He is good.

While waiting to meet Wesley, I've gotten many questions and comments ranging from:
• Does the doctor know if you will be on-time?
• Do you think he will be early?
• You look ready to pop!
• I bet he'll come early.
• He'll probably be late since your boys weren't early.

I've heard of baby pools before, and wondered if there was a website that did all that for you. (Let's be honest, there is usually a website for it if you're thinking about it.) And sure enough...there is. So, I thought I'd have some fun with all my friends and family who are thinking, guessing and wishing when baby will come, by creating my own game. 

I think it's kind of funny when people "just knew" a baby would be born on their birthdate.
So, I will give people a chance to go on record with their guess with Wesley.
The winner gets that awesome feeling of being "right on."

Have fun!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ring in the New Year

We celebrate our NYE with our church family at Compass...this year was a blast!  The theme this year was Star Wars and my husband is part of creating and putting together the entertainment for the evening. See below the video this year. (You can also click here to see last year's video.)

Just like everyone else, I'm excited for 2015 and what's to come.  I'm thrilled to set all sorts of goals that will end in breaking, meeting and even exceeding some. One I know I'm excited to do again, and to do well this year is the Daily Bible Reading (aka DBR). Each year, as a church, we read through the whole Bible in a year. It's a great plan, and even though we can all come up with an excuse "I didn't have time," it really won't work with me - not this's 10 minutes out of 24 hours to set aside. Really, there is no excuse.

We are also very excited to welcome Wesley into our home.  I do have a couple of wishes for his arrival though. First, I'd like for him to stay put until at least Jan. 24 (full-term). Second, I'd like for him not to come on Jan. 30 (that is my brother's and my birthday, oh and my cousins as's booked). Lastly, I'd prefer he not make an entrance on Feb. 14 (because that's reserved for Mike and I, and I'd like for that "Hallmark holiday" not to be overlooked). But those are just wishes, and I'm thrilled to meet little man whenever he decides to come.

So 2015...Let's do this! 
Happy New Year!